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The Wood Grenade in use

Wood Grenade

For my 100th post I wrote about my new axe, at about the same time I got a Wood Grenade from my brother (& his wife and their son) which I must write about (mostly in support of a post I hinted at here which is coming in a few days). The Roughneck Wood Grenade is a splitting wedge, which is all I [...]
Fun in the woods!

Great Weekend!

We have just had a warm, sunny, fun filled weekend! On Saturday, during a spring clean we were able to sit our for a late breakfast in the garden, on Sunday we went out to The Lookout at Bracknell for a day of science (I bought another pocket microscope…….. (more…)
2012-01-08 10.51.04

Walk in the woods

For our (me and Bella) first walk in the woods this year I thought Bella could control the camera and take photo’s of whatever she found interesting. I may have helped to hold it but the gallery of images below were all taken by Bella (except for the bottles). We started looking at mole hills, and [...]
A pile of free wood

Got wood?

It’s that time of year when the nights are drawing in and it’s getting colder in the mornings. OK, so we have just had a week that was drier and warmer than most of August, but if this was a normal year we would all start thinking about those long nights at home, and if we were lucky enough we’d [...]


Bella and I had a nice morning out in the woods last weekend (shortly before discovering Bella has chicken pox); we played a new toddler-centred game with the aim of teaching her about being quiet and looking for animals in the woods. I also introduced her to foraging. (more…)
Picture of our wood fire

Group walk in the woods

Just so it doesn’t seem I’ve done nothing in the bad weather with Bella I’m just adding this post to say we did a walk in a local woods with friends and their children (all between 0 and 3 years old). As there is nothing growing right now (at least not in those woods) we had very little to look at [...]
Bella drawing on a tree

Walk in the woods

Despite the doom and gloom yesterday (see last post) Bella and I finally did manage to get out of the house and into the woods this morning. This was a short walk where we talked about how squirrels had eaten all the nuts from inside the beech nut husks, looked at all the little plants starting to [...]
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