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Nice shot of a pea plant on the windowsill

Spring 2013

Today Bella and I tidied up the garden after winter, we had a great time and it only really took the afternoon! The first thing we did was empty our bird feeders. These have mostly been used by the squirrels, and most of the seed has been left untouched, which could be the red kites (which [...]
Pose for the camera!

Pea and Potato Crop 2013

Last year our pea and potato harvest was not the best. Of course you can’t expect to get much out of a small raised planter, during the worst summer on UK record but this year we are going to try to “maximise our return” (grow more stuff) by getting started a bit earlier. Last year we planted our [...]
The patch early in the season

Veggies Update

The last post I did about our veggie patch was back in April, since then we have had a full growing season and harvested our magnificent bounty…… well erm you’ll see. This post will be of no interest to a seasoned gardener I’m afraid, but it shows how well plants have grown on compost from my Green [...]
11 Aug

Kiwi Issai update

Back in April I did my last post about a Kiwi Issai I am trying to grow in the garden, back then I was worried about the little bit of a drought we were having and hoping it would make it up to the height of the fence so it would get a bit more sun. Since then we have had the wettest summer ever, [...]

Kiwi Issai

Recently I, finally, started to enclose the hot tub (I will write an article on how to rebuild a hot tub from a unit that has been dragged backwards through a hedge and is in pieces as soon as I know how to do it myself) after it has sat in our garden for the last 2 years. This has had the effect [...]
The planter


A little while ago we planted some Strawberry seeds and then later found that some seeds we’d planted last year were growing, so we thought it would be nice to give our two little strawberry plants a home of their own. OK so we bought a few other plants to go with them (they were on sale, honest), [...]
Garlic and Peas


Another mini-update; some of the veggies we planted have started to grow (well some of the peas and the garlic). Sadly things seem to be growing better in the end of the compost heap that had the least of my home-made compost. Also something seems to already be eating the plants! And to cap it all [...]
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