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Our seed feeder - hung from and old bracket we once used for a lantern

Winter is coming

OK, so actually it is pretty much here. I’ve been working on a big project lately which I will write about once it is done, for today here is just a little update. Today Bella and I visited the Environment Centre in High Wycombe in its new home a short walk from our home. We used to go all the time [...]

No more butterflies

No it’s not a tragic story, just that we have let Bella’s butterflies go (except for the one with the wonky wings, which is also no longer with us), here are some photos of the big day. (more…)
Group shot

More Butterflies!

All of our butterflies had finally emerged as of last night. The only one we saw was, sadly, the one from the night before that had seemed stuck. It was definitely stuck, it had been trying to get out for a day so in the end I helped it down from the wall of the enclosure and took the last of the [...]
Hopefully the one emerging will make it, it's one wing (showing) has been getting better during the night, but very slowly


The sequel to Caterpillars! Yes they have hatched, they hatched out last night! One of them was still trying to get out as we went to bed, and 2 have yet to start hatching. (more…)
22nd July


With Britain’s butterflies facing their worst year ever wouldn’t it be great to raise a few yourself in the safety of your home and then release them into the wild? One of our friends found a kit where you can do just that and bought it for Bella (my daughter) for her birthday. The kit (butterfly [...]
The log


At the end of May some Bees moved into our garden. They started living under our step and under one of the logs along the side of the planter. (more…)
2012-01-08 10.51.04

Walk in the woods

For our (me and Bella) first walk in the woods this year I thought Bella could control the camera and take photo’s of whatever she found interesting. I may have helped to hold it but the gallery of images below were all taken by Bella (except for the bottles). We started looking at mole hills, and [...]
The photo Bella took (all by herself)


For my first post of the new year I thought I’d add a photo Bella took today at the Chestnut Centre, Chapel-en-le-Frith, plus a few others of the deer I took. The centre also has lots of otters, foxes and wild birds from all over the world, and we were very glad it was open on New Years day (we [...]
Bella holds an owl!

Mini review of the year

As we come to the end of the year I thought I’d do a post about a few things we did with Bella that I didn’t do a post on but would like to include in my records/ ideas of children’s outdoorsy activities. (more…)
Bella drawing on a tree

Walk in the woods

Despite the doom and gloom yesterday (see last post) Bella and I finally did manage to get out of the house and into the woods this morning. This was a short walk where we talked about how squirrels had eaten all the nuts from inside the beech nut husks, looked at all the little plants starting to [...]
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