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Nice shot of a pea plant on the windowsill

Spring 2013

Today Bella and I tidied up the garden after winter, we had a great time and it only really took the afternoon! The first thing we did was empty our bird feeders. These have mostly been used by the squirrels, and most of the seed has been left untouched, which could be the red kites (which [...]
26-05 A little more growth

Meadow – What’s happened

Well the last post I did on our mini-meadow was back in March, since then we have not quite had an eruption of flowers and wild grass but it has come along, also the people we got the seeds from did say that you get the benefit of the meadow in the 2nd year. (more…)
Some grass


Another mini update on the meadow; we now have some grass growing!
Little meadow plants

Spoke too soon

Well last Saturday I said that our meadow hadn’t started growing yet…. and on Sunday I noticed little plants, more updates to follow
Bumble Bee

No meadow yet :-(

Well it’s been almost 2 weeks since we scattered the seed for our mini-meadow, and still no sign of any little shoots. Of course we did have a mini-snow-shower the day after we scattered the seeds, and a minor frost during the first week after planting, and it does say to allow up to 21 days for [...]
A proud Daddy and Bella


As well as building a planter and putting some home-made composlime in it this weekend we also planted some meadow seed. We have not had anything growing in our garden for the past 2 or so years (ever since we took up the membrane and gravel that used to cover the garden), I don’t know if this is [...]
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