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The axe as it came from the box

POST 100 – Gränsfors Bruks Small Forest Axe!

This is my 100th post (ignoring any pages I may have added over the last 21 months), and I have delayed posting because, at last, after 4 years of wearing down my wife and numerous promises not to amputate another finger (I don’t know what the fuss is about, they put it back on, and besides my [...]
A proud daughter!

Child-manufactured Firesteel

First of all I should say that this post was written on the 30th of November and then scheduled for publication today, so sorry if this post seems to have missed out on some major planetary event (such as a zombie invasion or early 2012 apocalypse). If those things have happened then I am very [...]
Happy anniversary my love MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anniversary Gift

With the choice of featured image combined with post title I’m sure this will generate some site traffic (if not a few complaints!), but this isn’t an account of the activities of a serial killer (and the extra site traffic disappears) but all about how I made a bushcraft knife for my wife as an [...]
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