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The (very tasty) greengage pus

Gut Chut (Greengage and Tomato Chutney) 2014

About 4 weeks ago I said that I would move away from the original subject matter of my blog, and whilst that is still true (I am working on it now but will probably take another few months to get up and running) this is a great forum for storing recipes and other how-to’s (which if I am honest is [...]


Back on the 21st of October I went on a half day Beginners Mushroom walk right on my door step with the local Ranger service, for only £2 a head! So am I now a mushroom expert able to go out and forage for tasty treats? Erm no, what I do have though is a much greater appreciation for mushrooms and [...]
The best thing of all - Bella having a great time!


The last week or so has been really good for foraging, we have discovered that the blackberry patch which was cleared is right next to another that was covered in ripe fruit (and accessed by only having to go right around the back car park of a local industrial estate), and even more amazing was [...]
Bella doing art by the fire

Blackberries (again)!!

Last year I lamented the fact that I never took Bella out Blackberry picking (I only managed to get her out quite late in the season). This year, despite the fact I am still so busy I never update my blog (sorry) I have managed to go out with her right at the very start of the season (I base this [...]
3 jars of chutney

Chutney update

After a little over a month I have tried the Windfall Chutney I made at the start of October, in fact we had a little chutney competition on our last trip to The Lakes, and it is a very nice, mild, fruity chutney (didn’t win, that was Gary’s one)! I only hope that I managed to remember the recipe [...]
Bella showing Holly a blackberry

Blackberries (and beech nuts)!

Back at the start of the month I was feeling a bit of a failure having not taken Bella out blackberry picking, well as it happens last weekend we went out on a walk with some family friends (Alex and Holly – lovely flower press people), and came across a hedge (several actually) with a few good [...]
A container of acorn coffee

Acorn Coffee (and edible acorns)

As mentioned the first thing we gathered the weekend before last was acorns, so I had a go at making acorn coffee last week! I also had a go at trying to make some of the acorns straight-edible (like nuts), which was a lot more work, and not very successful, but more about that in a bit. There are [...]
The Chutney almost ready for putting in Jars

Windfall Chutney

I was going to make a chutney from some of the crab apples Bella and I gathered the weekend before last (we had lots left over after making the rose hip jelly), however when I discovered that I would have to peel and core all the apples (a big job seeing as they are so small and there would be lots [...]
Bella helping to prepare the crab apples.

Rosehip Jelly

The first thing we made after our gathering outing last weekend was rose hip Jelly. We followed a Times Newspaper recipe that came from an old WI recipe, although I had to change some of the quantities. The reason I changed the quantities was because I had struggled to collect 300g of rose hips [...]
Bella collecting rosehips

Harvest Time

I had so many plans this year to go foraging with Bella and make lots of interesting foods from what we found. Of course things got away from me and my plans have come to nothing. Last month I remember reading that we’d had a bumper crop of blackberries, and planned to go out with Bella that very [...]
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