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Our online energy tracker shows a reduction in electricity use since last year

Our utility bill is now down to £42 a month (from £125 in January)

In June this year I said I’d start writing about our efforts to cut our gas and electricity bills (and of course save the planet, but mostly we want to save money), and I have written very little on this so far, but yesterday we found out that our joint gas and electricity bill is now down to £42 [...]
A log on a workbench split in two with several wedges

Got wood [2]?

In my last post about getting wood ready for winter (albeit a bit late in the year) I mentioned I hadn’t got the wood fully chopped up. I now have and wanted to show off this photo I took after successfully splitting a log using wedges I’d cut from the two smaller logs with a survival knife. I did [...]
A pile of free wood

Got wood?

It’s that time of year when the nights are drawing in and it’s getting colder in the mornings. OK, so we have just had a week that was drier and warmer than most of August, but if this was a normal year we would all start thinking about those long nights at home, and if we were lucky enough we’d [...]

Draughts Pt1

As mentioned in an earlier post we are doing some work this Autumn to try to cut our gas bill (in the same way we reduced our electricity bill). The biggest cause of heat loss from a home is….. huge open holes letting in the cold. So to start with I guess we should close the huge holes in the [...]
Jeff enjoying a smoke on the roof

Replacing a flat roof

You are probably wondering where this fits in the grand scheme of my blog. Well a while ago now I said I would write posts about energy and money saving measures I’ve done to my home; I have written one very short piece about how we reduced our electricity bill from £55 to £28 a month and I hope [...]
1930's House

Saving money with a Power Meter

In my last energy-saving post back in June I said that I was going to start blogging about the energy-saving things we’ve done about the house and if they worked. I’ve been a bit slow starting this (and sorry for the lack of photos) but the best place to start is how we reduced our electricity bill [...]
The BASF House

Visit to the Creative Energy Homes project

  On the 4th of May I visited the Creative Energy Homes project at the University of Nottingham (department of Architecture and the Built Environment). There is very little information on the project, which is a shame as to someone like me, a home DIY enthusiast looking to make his home more [...]
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