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A proud daughter!

Child-manufactured Firesteel

First of all I should say that this post was written on the 30th of November and then scheduled for publication today, so sorry if this post seems to have missed out on some major planetary event (such as a zombie invasion or early 2012 apocalypse). If those things have happened then I am very [...]
Happy anniversary my love MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anniversary Gift

With the choice of featured image combined with post title I’m sure this will generate some site traffic (if not a few complaints!), but this isn’t an account of the activities of a serial killer (and the extra site traffic disappears) but all about how I made a bushcraft knife for my wife as an [...]
Broken rubber band

I got it a bit wrong….

I was camping in the Lakes last weekend (post to follow soon) and if you thought it a good idea to follow my guide on adding guys to the Frontier Stove Flue, don’t. One of the rubber lumps I used to insulate the guy line from the wire that is connected to the flue broke. (more…)

Draughts Pt1

As mentioned in an earlier post we are doing some work this Autumn to try to cut our gas bill (in the same way we reduced our electricity bill). The biggest cause of heat loss from a home is….. huge open holes letting in the cold. So to start with I guess we should close the huge holes in the [...]
Jeff enjoying a smoke on the roof

Replacing a flat roof

You are probably wondering where this fits in the grand scheme of my blog. Well a while ago now I said I would write posts about energy and money saving measures I’ve done to my home; I have written one very short piece about how we reduced our electricity bill from £55 to £28 a month and I hope [...]
Image of the tent showing extra space the pole adds

Adding a pole to the Bell tent door

Another mod we’ve done to our 10 Man Army Arctic Bell Tent is a pole for the main door. On our last few trips we have noticed that the main door doesn’t close properly, and looks like it should sit higher off the ground. All we can assume is that either there should be a pole for the door that we [...]
The BASF House

Visit to the Creative Energy Homes project

  On the 4th of May I visited the Creative Energy Homes project at the University of Nottingham (department of Architecture and the Built Environment). There is very little information on the project, which is a shame as to someone like me, a home DIY enthusiast looking to make his home more [...]
Glo-worms packaging, with one HELL of a bold claim

Guys, guys, guys…..

Nope this post is not about a major lifestyle change but about all the guy lines on our arctic bell tent. With roughly 20 lines, each thicker than a standard guy line, in a nice camouflaged olive-green, reaching several meters out from the tent we get a lot of trips taking place around our tent [...]
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