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22nd July


With Britain’s butterflies facing their worst year ever wouldn’t it be great to raise a few yourself in the safety of your home and then release them into the wild? One of our friends found a kit where you can do just that and bought it for Bella (my daughter) for her birthday. The kit (butterfly [...]
2012-01-08 10.51.04

Walk in the woods

For our (me and Bella) first walk in the woods this year I thought Bella could control the camera and take photo’s of whatever she found interesting. I may have helped to hold it but the gallery of images below were all taken by Bella (except for the bottles). We started looking at mole hills, and [...]
The photo Bella took (all by herself)


For my first post of the new year I thought I’d add a photo Bella took today at the┬áChestnut Centre, Chapel-en-le-Frith, plus a few others of the deer I took. The centre also has lots of otters, foxes and wild birds from all over the world, and we were very glad it was open on New Years day (we [...]
A proud daughter!

Child-manufactured Firesteel

First of all I should say that this post was written on the 30th of November and then scheduled for publication today, so sorry if this post seems to have missed out on some major planetary event (such as a zombie invasion or early 2012 apocalypse). If those things have happened then I am very [...]
Bella holds an owl!

Mini review of the year

As we come to the end of the year I thought I’d do a post about a few things we did with Bella that I didn’t do a post on but would like to include in my records/ ideas of children’s outdoorsy activities. (more…)
Bella showing Holly a blackberry

Blackberries (and beech nuts)!

Back at the start of the month I was feeling a bit of a failure having not taken Bella out blackberry picking, well as it happens last weekend we went out on a walk with some family friends (Alex and Holly – lovely flower press people), and came across a hedge (several actually) with a few good [...]
Bella collecting rosehips

Harvest Time

I had so many plans this year to go foraging with Bella and make lots of interesting foods from what we found. Of course things got away from me and my plans have come to nothing. Last month I remember reading that we’d had a bumper crop of blackberries, and planned to go out with Bella that very [...]
Bella using her flower press

Flower Press

It has been a while since I wrote about doing anything nature-y with Bella, that’s not to say I haven’t done anything just I have not done anything new (pretty much what I said in my last post). In keeping with the trend of my last post here is some info on an activity we did with one of Bella’s [...]

Gardening and little ones

I haven’t had anything new to blog about lately (we’ve done lots of stuff, just all of it is things you’ve heard before), especially when it comes to toddler friendly eco-friendly, outdoors stuff, so I thought I’d do a general post about gardening with Bella. It’s lots of fun, and a chance to get [...]
Colouring in, drawing what we can see.... and Peppa Pig, of course

Counting tree rings

It has been months since I wrote anything about children’s outdoorsy activities, and this is because the last few months have been pretty hard due to some family mishaps, and we have not spent much time outside (we have done stuff, honest, just not outdoorsy stuff). I decided to rectify this on [...]
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