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Nice shot of a pea plant on the windowsill

Spring 2013

Today Bella and I tidied up the garden after winter, we had a great time and it only really took the afternoon! The first thing we did was empty our bird feeders. These have mostly been used by the squirrels, and most of the seed has been left untouched, which could be the red kites (which [...]
Pose for the camera!

Pea and Potato Crop 2013

Last year our pea and potato harvest was not the best. Of course you can’t expect to get much out of a small raised planter, during the worst summer on UK record but this year we are going to try to “maximise our return” (grow more stuff) by getting started a bit earlier. Last year we planted our [...]
Chutney's, Jellies and Jams from 2012

Chutneys, Jams and Jellies

A month or so ago I wrote a series of posts about chutneys, jellies and jams, but I didn’t write anything about how they tasted (as I didn’t know), so here is a short post on how they all turned out. (more…)
This machine will core, peel and make an apple into a spiral, I picked it up this year at the Great Missenden Food Festival, brilliant

Blackberry and Apple Chutney

In my last post I wrote about how Bella and I made Blackberry Jam. On the same day my parents were over, and they took Bella for a few hours whilst I made this (not a child friendly recipe as pretty complex); Blackberry and Apple Chutney! This is based on the contents of the River Cottage Preserves [...]
Chutney's, Jellies and Jams from 2012

Easy Slow Cooker (Crock Pot) Blackberry Jam

In late September I did a little foraging with Bella, sadly nowhere near as much as I’d hoped to do, but at least this year we got many more blackberry’s, and there is always next year! The towering mountain of food in the image to the right is the massive bounty that Bella and I have reaped this [...]
Our seed feeder - hung from and old bracket we once used for a lantern

Winter is coming

OK, so actually it is pretty much here. I’ve been working on a big project lately which I will write about once it is done, for today here is just a little update. Today Bella and I visited the Environment Centre in High Wycombe in its new home a short walk from our home. We used to go all the time [...]
Bella doing art by the fire

Blackberries (again)!!

Last year I lamented the fact that I never took Bella out Blackberry picking (I only managed to get her out quite late in the season). This year, despite the fact I am still so busy I never update my blog (sorry) I have managed to go out with her right at the very start of the season (I base this [...]

No more butterflies

No it’s not a tragic story, just that we have let Bella’s butterflies go (except for the one with the wonky wings, which is also no longer with us), here are some photos of the big day. (more…)
Group shot

More Butterflies!

All of our butterflies had finally emerged as of last night. The only one we saw was, sadly, the one from the night before that had seemed stuck. It was definitely stuck, it had been trying to get out for a day so in the end I helped it down from the wall of the enclosure and took the last of the [...]
Hopefully the one emerging will make it, it's one wing (showing) has been getting better during the night, but very slowly


The sequel to Caterpillars! Yes they have hatched, they hatched out last night! One of them was still trying to get out as we went to bed, and 2 have yet to start hatching. (more…)
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