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A roaring fire inside your tent

10 Man Arctic Bell Tent – Fitting the Frontier Stove

Catching up on the comments of others (OK, the one guy who actually reads my blog) and following on from my last Frontier Stove post here is how to fit a Frontier Stove by Camping Solutions to a British Army 10 Man Arctic Bell Tent. To start with in earlier comments I said to buy the 10 to 90mm [...]
Sewing machine adding a zip

British Army 10 man arctic tent – adding a zip

As pointed out by the first comment my site ever had I need to include some detail of how my 10 man army tent was modified. This is how I added a zip to the main door. (more…)
Image of the flue/ stovepipe opening when closed

The British Army 10 Man Arctic Bell tent

As mentioned in my earlier post in a bid to save money rather than buying a brand new canvas bell tent we decided to buy an old British Army tent. In the process of working with this tent we have learnt a great deal about it, so this blog posting contains what I know of the history, where to get [...]
Photo of our tent

August 2010 – disaster camping

A poorly planned and executed family camping trip in August 2010.
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