Full HDD Encryption of a Dual boot system


Example scripts can be downloaded at the base of this page.

This is the update to my original series of guides first released in October 2007 (the date of this version is February 2011). A great deal has changed since I wrote those guides, for instance the release of a Truecrypt version that can encrypt system partitions, full Windows and Linux support for Ext3/ NTFS and I expect a great deal will change over the coming months.

Complete hard disk encryption as something a mainstream PC user would do is becoming much more common, which is probably due to the increasing media publicity of identity theft and even with new software tools protecting your personal privacy is becoming much harder.

This guide is for anyone who uses both Linux and Windows and wishes to protect their digital identity/ data. It also does this in a way which optimizes available hard disk space by creating encrypted home/ My Documents and swap/ page file partitions accessible from both operating systems. This is particularly useful for SSD based systems.

The content of this PDF can be copied to help create the example scripts but is subject to copyright.

Example scripts available for download;

Update in November 2011; due to family and career commitments I will probably not be updating this guide again.
Update in late November 2011; if you want to access encrypted Windows system drives from Linux please see Jan Krüger’s blog thingy (this is not covered by my guide).
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