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The pages below (bottom of the page) used to be part of shappyhopper.co.uk, which started as shappyhopper.com in October 2000 and a few years ago changed to .co.uk (because it was cheaper).

I started the site to teach myself Perl, and it had lots of clever features I created myself, but one day I realised that people were actually reading my content (which I’d created as a safe place to keep files; back thenĀ I often destroyed my hard disk whilst trying something new). This led to me making better content, and then in January 2011 I started using WordPress to make a blog.

WordPress was so easy to use that I realised I’d rather write content than spend a day writing content and a day adapting it to my very clever but not very user-friendly Perl page rendering system. So in November 2011 I began moving the last of the content people were actually reading to my blog, and then made my blog (blog.shappyhopper.co.uk) my main site (which is why my site is a sub-domain of my site).

All clear?

Anyway follow the links below or from the menu above to read some of the old content that people still want.

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