This blog is all about a total amateur trying to involve his family in outdoor activities and a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and blogging about it in the hope some of the things I try are of use to others.

I love the outdoors and spent much of my teens and twenties mountaineering, camping, scrambling and generally doing stuff in wild places. However the time I spent in the outdoors dwindled as the years went by, and once I became a father in 2008 stopped almost altogether.

Blurred image of Ray MearsRay Mears

In January 2011 I saw a talk by Ray Mears, he spoke of the importance of teaching our children about the outdoors. I immediately remembered all the never-fulfilled plans I’d had to take Bella (my daughter) out to the local woods or on camping trips and decided as a new years resolution to make 2011 the year I did better.

There are many many guides out there telling parents and educators how to involve children in the outdoors more. This is not another one of them. This is the blog of someone (with no real bushcraft experience) trying some of them, as well as trying to be more eco-friendly at home and make his own kit.

I will probably also blog about anything else I think about.

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