Well, it has been over a year, but we have at last used some of the compost we have been making. Sadly we used it to part fill the pot for a small tree we have placed over Vader (our cats) grave; he was hit by a car.

Vader isn’t in the pot, he’s buried in the garden but we wanted something to sit over his grave we could take with us (when we move) to remember him (and we couldn’t afford to have him cremated).

Anyway this has nothing to do with our compost. The last time I looked (really looked) at the compost in the base of our Green Johanna was November, and it certainly was not ready to use! As of today it was much better; it was very firm, like clay, and very sticky.

I mixed it in with some of the sandy/ gravelly/ builders waste that passes for soil in our garden to make it a bit more like loam and have used it to put the tree (a grafted pussy willow) into a larger pot (than the one it came in from the garden centre). The tree also needs to be well drained and I felt that the ‘clay’ compost would probably not do that.

We shall see how it goes. I also promise soon to build a raised vegetable bed and put the rest to use.

As far as the composter goes, in general, we still have the insulated cover on it. Whilst we had the snow last week (dropped to -8°C give or take a degree or two) all activity stopped (even with the cover and all the Khan brain slugs on top died), but otherwise (as in now) there is still a little warmth and a few bugs etc moving around.

I’ve also added a little soil to the top as the smell today began to get a bit rancid (it was about 12°C at the warmest point).