PT Cruiser Diesel (CRD)

Our Car

I wrote lots last year about making my home more eco-friendly, but I’ve said nothing about my car, which I have to change for two reasons;

  • Your car forms one of the largest out-goings per month for any family, especially due to fuel prices
  • I have spent the last few months working flat-out on my car and have nothing much else to write about
We own a CRD (Common Rail Diesel) PT Cruiser. We bought our car because we wanted an MPV, but wanted something different to the standard box, plus we bought a diesel because we worked out that the cost of running it would be lower than the petrol version (which is usually a 2.4ltr turbo).
To do this calculation I used the attached spreadsheet, which you are welcome to download, but be warned that it is not all that user friendly.

This year our new plan to lower our family carbon is to give Biodiesel a try. We have a refinery near us but sadly they are only open during working hours (when we are unable to get to them), I don’t think our car can take 100% biodiesel and at the time of writing it is 3p per litre more expensive to buy biodiesel (which has less about 9% energy than petrodiesel per volume) once you have paid the fuel duty.

OK so financially more expensive, plus there are problems with it’s flow rate in cold weather, plus we would have to replace the fuel filter (about £20, thankfully on top of the engine in a PT Cruiser Diesel and easy to do yourself), and in fact a fair few more issues which make most people ask “why”.

Well the only reason is to be more environmentally friendly, and at the end of the day it’s only £3 or £4 more per tank (as an estimate of the higher cost, lower energy density and hassle of getting the fuel) and £20 once the solvent qualities of the fuel has shifted any gunk from the tank into the filter and…..

OK, how about we see how it goes and I write about it then.

I also mentioned above that I have been working flat out on the car, and there is an eco-friendly element to this; we have been using recycled parts from eBay to reduce waste to landfill. In no way have we done this because our car is a money pit and we can’t afford new parts.