A proud daughter!

A proud daughter!

First of all I should say that this post was written on the 30th of November and then scheduled for publication today, so sorry if this post seems to have missed out on some major planetary event (such as a zombie invasion or early 2012 apocalypse). If those things have happened then I am very sorry, but if you have just enjoyed a lovely Christmas please read on about how Bella made her Mummy a Firesteel for Christmas.

At the start of the month (which as I write is in the future) I published a post about the anniversary present I made for my wife Kelly, a bushcraft knife. In that post several photos included a Firesteel rod and sheath loop with the knife kit but I didn’t mention either in the text (much), the reason was simple – Bella made up the Firesteel as a Christmas present for Kelly!

Making the components was pretty easy

Making the components was pretty easy - the leather lanyard was removed and used on the knife

The kit I bought (details in the anniversary post) came with Swedish Firesteel components; a bit of Reindeer antler for a handle and a Firesteel, or Ferro Rod.

Making it up was simple; I drilled out a small hole for the lanyard and a larger one for the Firesteel rod, Bella helped glue the rod into the handle and then she made up a lanyard from her butterfly beads (called so because they come in a box that is shaped like a butterfly, otherwise they are just ordinary plastic beads).

Voilà, all done.