A very big picture of a vent

The bathroom extract vent once finished

As mentioned in an earlier post we are doing some work this Autumn to try to cut our gas bill (in the same way we reduced our electricity bill). The biggest cause of heat loss from a home is….. huge open holes letting in the cold. So to start with I guess we should close the huge holes in the walls!

The first place we started was our bathroom extractor fan (we did this a while ago). The old vent cover fell off some….. erm…. years ago and when the wind blew across our flat roof it would drive cold air straight through into our bathroom.

The problem with the vent was that the wall it is fastened to (not really visible in the photos) is stepped out from the wall toward the roof’s edge, a pre-Victorian decorative feature now covered over by the lead sheet protecting the wall from rainfall and the flat roof. This means that any vent either has to be wedged into the extract duct (which is crumbling), or fastened to the wall by the corner of a brick.

Closeup of the bathroom duct

A close up of the bathroom duct opening (taken during the replacement of the flat roof)

Because of this I failed to fix this for some years, until Jeff pointed out when fixing our roof that I could fasten it with a large blob of mastic. And so now it is fixed, covered with a vent that snaps shut when the wind blows against it.

The other huge hole we sorted out more recently was our old cat flap (which blew open all the time), which re replaced with a modern flap that does not blow open in a strong breeze.