The finished article

The finished article - click on the image if you actually want to see them!

UPDATE: Don’t follow this guide (see later post). As mentioned in my earlier post one of the things that the Frontier Stove Flue is seriously lacking is a way to guy it down. I put the guys described here on our flue and used it (the stove/ flue) for a week in North Wales during good-ish summer weather for Wales (so some rain and minor winds with the stove going for a few hours at a time).

Adding guys is very easy; I drilled three groups of two holes spaced around the flue to match the shape of my tent. By this I mean that I left a bigger gap between two of the sets of holes as that’s where my tent sits in relation to the flue, that way my guy lines didn’t foul the tent. It’s easier than it sounds, the system is pretty forgiving if you get it a little wrong, after all the guys are just there to add the set-up a little solidity.

Through the holes I threaded picture-wire. I know this sounds fairly low-tech, and it is, but I needed s

Marking up and drilling the holes

Marking up and drilling the holes

omething I could pick up on the Thursday before we left to go camping (I’d left it a little late) from the shops near work.

Anyway, it worked, OK? I just twisted the wire around to secure it (about 3 inches of well twisted wire needed).

On to the end of the picture wire I added some of those big rubber-bands you get in camping shops (you can add them to fly sheets etc to guy them out). These are to give the chimney a bit of give as it must move with the tent in high wind. On the end of the rubber bands I added some standard (reflective) guys from a camping shop.

The guys worked very well, but were hard to peg out as the give in the elastic caused the sliders to undo (they wer every cheap guy sliders) and if you over tightened one of the guy lines the top section of the flue was almost pulled off. I think with ClamCleats (I’ve used them on the bell tent) the setup will work a bit better, but will probably always be a bit fiddly.

Packing up is also a bit of a problem; I wrapped the wires and guys around the flue section one at a time, making sure I didn’t overlap them to stop tangles forming. That is pretty hard with three guys to keep separate whilst you are winding, and then you can’t put the flue section into the stove body for transport because the guy lines etc would get filthy, so you have to transport it separately.

Maybe for version 2 I will have fixed these problems….