Frontier Stove chimney showing creosote build up

Frontier Stove chimney showing creosote build up

You might think that there isn’t much to add to my last post on the Frontier Stove (or the many posts before it). You are right, there is not (see last posts for how to use) but there were a few issues we found when using it for this prolonged period.

First of all creosote build-up, as the photo shows at the end of the week there was a little build up, and if you are using the stove for a several weeks you should break down the chimney and give it a clean, especially as you will probably be using damp wood.

Great shot of the new kettle in use on the Frontier Stove

Great shot of our new red kettle in use

Another problem was damp wood (as supplied by the camp site); a little smoke comes out of the stove door when you first light up but when lighting a stove using damp wood you need to leave the door open for a long time, and of course this produces a lot of smoke. This you then need to vent out of your tent by leaving the door open, which kind of makes the stove a little pointless…

Yet another problem was our new kettle; just like the fumes the stove produced when it was first used (and the smoke produced by the oil I used on it) the kettle produced fumes when first heated over the wood stove. So if you have some new painted cooking gear make sure you use it outdoors for the first few times.

Our messy little kitchen area

Our kitchen area, showing the stove with fire blanket under it, and fire extinguisher

We also found that we should have bought a mini dustpan and brush to clear up the occasional bits of charcoal, ash and wood that fell out of the stove, although the fire blanket (white square under the stove) proved essential for clearing up stove related dirt (also without the play pen made a good “clear area” around the stove).

All that said the stove worked brilliantly, and we had some very snug nights in when the rain poured down for hours on end. I also think it might have helped keep the tent dry; the one night we didn’t have the stove on we had some drips whilst it was raining (admittedly after 10 hours constant downpour); I think the stove might help to dry off the rain as it ran down the inside of the canvas. We also didn’t need the old playpen as Bella is old enough to know to not go near the stove, which gave us much more space (along with the extra room we got from the new front door pole).

Of course as far as we know the tent has never been weathered, so maybe 10 hours of rain is what it took….