Image of the tent showing extra space the pole adds

As can be seen (click) the pole adds much more room to the tent entrance

Another mod we’ve done to our 10 Man Army Arctic Bell Tent is a pole for the main door. On our last few trips we have noticed that the main door doesn’t close properly, and looks like it should sit higher off the ground. All we can assume is that either there should be a pole for the door that we don’t have, or we are pitching the tent incorrectly. As we are of course utterly infallible we have added the pole.



The peg used as a hook for the pole

The peg used as a hook for the pole

The pole we used was from a friends gazebo, so I have no idea what it’s made from but I think it’s galvanised steel. The sections did not quite fit the door so I cut one of the bottom sections to length and moved the plastic footing.


To hold the top of the pole to the tent I used an old tent-peg to make a hook that fitted perfectly through an existing loop in the webbing running from the top of the tent to the door.


The loop used to hold the pole

The loop used to hold the pole (right above the door)

We used this for a week on our last holiday, and it held up


fine (except a few occasions when I kicked it over) without causing any damage to the tent.