Last year I chopped down a big tree that had been threatening to damage a neighbouring property. I also (a bit earlier) got my first axe, a Gränsfors Bruks Small Forest Axe, and a wood grenade.

After a bit of a delay (a few months) I have now finished cutting up (into fuel sized pieces) what was left of the tree since my last post. This produced 17 rubble sacks of wood (each containing between 20 and 30kg approx – it was judged by how much I could comfortably lift), all of which I have now given away to friends in exchange/ payment for favours.

17 sacks of wood, all that was left of the tree

17 sacks of wood, all that was left of the tree

All I can add to what I have already written about the Gränsfors Bruks Small Forest Axe and the Wood Grenade is that they work well, and consistently for a real job (not just occasionally cutting up a bit of already split timber).

The axe doesn’t even need sharpening yet, which is good as I really don’t want to shell out half as much as I paid for the axe for a Gränsfors Bruks sharpening stone, I shall probably blog later in the year about my attempts to find a cheap alternative.

Next post about the axe? Using it whilst camping? I doubt I will do another post to be honest, all there is to say about this axe is “it works, it works really well”.


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