A month or so ago I wrote a series of posts about chutneys, jellies and jams, but I didn’t write anything about how they tasted (as I didn’t know), so here is a short post on how they all turned out.

Easy Slow Cooker Blackberry Jam

This was the first one I tried (it is ready as soon as it cools), it tastes great to me, however my Aunt said that the sugar made it taste a bit odd compared to her Blackberry Jams and that it took a bit away from the taste (which is probably true). Anyway it’s a great easy jam to make!


Blackberry and Apple chutney

I first tried this on the BOGIES 10th annual Christmas bash as part of the chutney competition, it is a mild sweet chutney that did not get many votes, and in everyone’s opinion is best with meat. We had it as an alternative to cranberry sauce during Christmas and it worked very well.


Greengage and Tomato Chutney

This was amazing! The first time I tried it was also on the BOGIES trip, and it came 2nd in the chutney competition. A really spicy tangy chutney that goes great with almost any cheese, including strong blue etc.


Rosehip and Apple Jelly

Last year Bella and I made a basic Rosehip jelly that had a delicate flavour, maybe too delicate. This year the addition of the apple added some more flavour and a little tang that meant this could be added to cheddar or meat (especially crispy bacon!) and we also had this on our Christmas table.