A few weeks ago we put up some bird feeders in our garden. Like many people in the UK we have a local Grey Squirrel problem, so we went for squirrel proof bird feeders. This week we noticed our food going down very quickly, great! Lots of birdies we thought, but no it was just one squirrel.

Our squirrel proof bird feeders have a cage around the food keeping the squirrels from it, and a secure lid with a catch to allow us to refill the feeder. Our squirrel ignored the cage, and just unhooked the lid and dived in.

At first he (I’m guessing it’s a he, and the same squirrel) went for our small seeded bird feeder. I kept him out with a cable tie, and I saw him have a bit of a fit a few days later trying to get in.

So next he went for the nut feeder, I was just about to cable tie that one when I also found him in our window feeder (which as you can see is very strong, even if it is just a couple of sucker pads). I needed a way to keep squirrels away that did not involve some sort of armoured cage on our window, so I turned to the RSPB who recommend Chilli powder in the bird food.

I didn’t have any, so used mild curry powder. I will keep an eye out and see if it works during the next few weeks.