For my 100th post I wrote about my new axe, at about the same time I got a Wood Grenade from my brother (& his wife and their son) which I must write about (mostly in support of a post I hinted at here which is coming in a few days).

The Roughneck Wood Grenade is a splitting wedge, which is all I can say about it really (there are lots of video’s on YouTube if you want an opinion about it as a product), it fills a gap that my axe can’t; splitting really big bits of wood.

I use mine with a large sledgehammer and I have used it for some small projects recently, including splitting some of the really big bits of wood that have sat in my garden since last October (in my 2nd post about it I mentioned that I would get round to chopping some of the larger logs later, which I suppose is true).

So that’s it really, if you want to chop up lots of free wood you get from freecycle you need an axe, a wedge, a saw and a survival knife (you really have to read Got Wood? and Got Wood 2 to get what I am talking about).