Back on the 21st of October I went on a half day Beginners Mushroom walk right on my door step with the local Ranger service, for only £2 a head!

So am I now a mushroom expert able to go out and forage for tasty treats? Erm no, what I do have though is a much greater appreciation for mushrooms and fungi and have realised that I definitely need to attend a proper mushroom foraging course.

We started the day with a talk about what mushrooms are, where to find them (it seems everywhere) and some of the myths going around. We then started the walk with a large group (15-20 ish) of us looking for mushrooms. I was overwhelmed at just how many we found; the woods were littered with them, we even had a little joke with one of the rangers when we found a small log covered in them within inches of the start of the footpath (“go on you brought that with you eh?“).

It was a great morning and the rangers really knew their stuff, but even then they still spent a lot of time debating what they had found and took many away for identification.

I have included below a small selection of the photos I took during the day. Most are not labelled as whilst I took lots of notes I don’t want to pretend I have any idea what any of the mushrooms were, and as I said I really need to go on a mushroom foraging course before I can say with any confidence what I was looking at.

I do hope though that they give a little snapshot of the sheer variety of mushrooms growing even in a little wood sandwiched between a town and the M40 (we were in the wooded hill behind the Rye in High Wycombe).