OK, so actually it is pretty much here. I’ve been working on a big project lately which I will write about once it is done, for today here is just a little update.

Today Bella and I visited the Environment Centre in High Wycombe in its new home a short walk from our home. We used to go all the time when Bella was little and it was in the Rye, but then they shut down; its really good to see it back.

They are not up and running yet and rely on volunteers, but we were still able to drop in (disturbing a meeting – oops) and they gave us a very warm welcome. Bella collected some sunflower seeds from and old dried head, helped with the wormeries and planted a little rosemary (which we were able to bring home). I can see up popping in lots now they are on our doorstep.

Afterwards we went and bought some bird feeders; we have not had any in the garden before and I hope this will encourage some wild birds to visit the garden. Bella picked out a yellow one and a purple one, both squirrel proof (well we shall see) to keep our local grey away. I would love to have a bird table so we can put out scraps etc, but with the local squirrels and rats its just not possible.

In other news; the Green Johanna is now wearing its winter jacket, composting has slowed to a crawl due to the temperature, and also I have been deliberately starving it of carbon to make room for all the ash leaves we now have falling in the garden. Of course the leaves have taken much longer to fall than I’d hoped, and have yet to turn brown. I am considering putting household organic waste into the regular bin for now as there just isn’t the room in the heap for it.

Also the Kiwi Issai is now shutting down for the winter, I hope it will wake up come spring, and with a recent major change in the amount of light in the garden (more on that in a later post) I hope 2013 will be it’s year to really grow.