This is my 100th post (ignoring any pages I may have added over the last 21 months), and I have delayed posting because, at last, after 4 years of wearing down my wife and numerous promises not to amputate another finger (I don’t know what the fuss is about, they put it back on, and besides my brother cut off 3 fingers) I have an axe!

I bought a Gränsfors Bruks Small Forest Axe from the Ray Mears Bushcraft site (using money I made by selling stuff on eBay, which is sort of like bartering, erm sort of..).

I know nothing about axes beyond the little I’ve used them, but everyone (including Ray) says that this is the number one choice for a Bushcraft axe, also my friend Nick, who uses axes on a daily basis, says that Gränsfors axes are the best he’s ever used.

The axe arrived today in a branded cardboard box (which Kelly opened using her knife from our last anniversary), came with a Ray Mears logo on the handle, and had a book on axe care and use tied on. I put Bella to bed, went outside immediately for a little try, and it was fantastic! I don’t know if this was because it is new and sharp, or because it really is an awesome axe.

I will mostly use it for chopping firewood, but anything interesting I do will of course appear on this blog.

As it’s cold outside I finished off the evening with a real ale from the Cairngorms, which brings back pleasant memories of adventures before becoming a Dad (the beer is part of this years Sainsbury’s Great British Beer Hunt), which I followed with another beer (which I’m drinking now) and am considering a whisky later :-)