Why have I titled this a non-update? Well, basically, nothing much has changed now for a while. The compost at the bottom of the Green Johanna looks nothing like the food it came from, lots mostly like soil but is still soft, wet and smelly and full of rat-tailed maggots (Hoverfly larvae, beneficial to the garden, but…….) and the level of the heap seems to be constant (at or around the bottom of the top segment of the bin).

The lack of progress this year I can blame on work, which has been manic and I have not had the time to properly look after the heap. For months I just chucked the food in on top and left it. Luckily it seems to not be too bad; we have not had a repeat of Swampost!

I have started adding toilet roll centres, egg boxes and similar to the heap to improve the carbon levels, I recently added a huge amount of greenery which filled the Green Johanna right to the top, and I still had some left overs. Within a week the leftovers fitted in and now 3 weeks later the level of the heap is back to where it was!