The patch early in the season

The patch early in the season

The last post I did about our veggie patch was back in April, since then we have had a full growing season and harvested our magnificent bounty…… well erm you’ll see.

This post will be of no interest to a seasoned gardener I’m afraid, but it shows how well plants have grown on compost from my Green Johanna, and how Bella (4 years old) found it all.


The garlic made a good start, sprouting back in April even with a late frost or two, but it never flowered and didn’t grow much beyond the start of May. I don’t know if I did something wrong, if the soil was poor due to the home-made compost or if they were just drowned by the very wet summer, but by August only one plant was left, and that soon vanished (I think eaten by a slug).


A slightly better story, the peas grew well and produced a small bowl of food (which was lovely if short lived), there would have been more if I’d used canes (my idea of growing them up onto the deck rail failed since I didn’t look after the peas for some weeks), and if I’d done something better to control the slugs, so next year hopefully we will see a higher yield. Bella (Kelly and Me too) loved picking these and eating them!


Our potatoes did really well, which is not surprising as I’ve had some sprout right inside the composter (even when it’s good and hot) and we even had enough for a few meals. We should have used canes, much as with the peas, especially with such a small vegetable patch where the potato plants threatened to swamp everything. Bella loved digging the potatoes up (especially as she got a new spade)!