5 months ago I did a very short post about some Strawberries we were planning on growing, and here is a short post about where we are with them.

It has been a very poor year for strawberries, with very little sun, plus I now realise that our garden, whilst it is south facing, doesn’t get much sun due to the two big trees growing at the end of it. Whilst we have had a few good big ones (and I mean less than 10) we are now getting lots of very small fruits that look a lot like wild strawberries (no photos at the moment but I will get some). These taste fine but don’t look too good so I am bagging up with Blackberries in the freezer to make into jam/ jelly later in the year.

One of our trees does have to come down now as it is leaning too far over our neighbour at the end, so maybe next year will be better (and not the wettest year on record).