This post is about how to prepare a rabbit for cooking, it is graphic in nature in that I have included detailed pictures of several rabbits being skinned and gutted. Do not read this post if you are of a sensitive disposition.

Also this post is not a guide and should not be followed unless you are under the instruction of an experienced person.

Now all that is over I can start the post. Last Sunday I was on the final part of a Rock Frog survival course, which I have described in a series of posts, this is the 5th post and is all about preparing a Rabbit.

I did have an inappropriate name lined up for this post but decided against it. The divide between those who eat meat and those who don’t seems to come to a head when we are faced with where meat really comes from. I enjoy eating meat and know where it comes from, I also (as I discovered) have no issue with preparing an animal for cooking but I now understand (at least in my own way) why it is so many cultures treat the bodies of hunted animals with respect as they prepare them for cooking.

Whilst the reasons given are often spiritual or supernatural I think it comes down to the fact that the thought of doing anything but is repellent, and in my opinion anyone who does such things is very broken. Hence not making light and using the inappropriate title.

The images below are of either Dave the instructor or me. I worked with a partner, Ruth, to prepare the rabbit and Ruth’s husband, Jim, did the cooking. I should mention that the youngest person to prepare a rabbit was Raj, who was 10 years old and did really well, acting with some serious maturity for someone his age.