This is my 4th post about the Rock Frog course I attended last weekend, and it’s all about obtaining water. On the course we started with a talk covering the principles of obtaining, filtering and cleaning the water. We also took a look at some of the current products on the market and how they differ (some of the children struggled with this as it was a dry subject that took some time to cover).

Then we built a filter from an old bottle, stopped up with moss, sand, pebbles, charcoal and moss. We had to put the water through this three times, the first time it came out sandy coloured (mostly from any free sand that wasn’t stopped by the moss), but by the 2nd time it was significantly cleaner and the last time it was almost totally clean. We then boiled this to remove any remaining bugs.

Then we got to use a Millbank Bag, which does exactly the same thing except it only has to go through once before being boiled (the water made a great cup of tea).

Erm, not much else to say, here are some photos :-)