Fire making is cool, you have to admit it, and even if as adults we lack the enthusiasm I saw on some of younger kids faces during my Rock Frog course, or the creepy obsession some of us blokes had when were were in our early teens, we are all drawn to stare at a roaring fire and still think it brilliant when someone lights a fire with a knife or a flint.

This is my third post about the Rock Frog course I attended last weekend, and of course it is all about fire. On the course we learnt to light matches correctly, used modern magnesium flint and steel, use traditional flint and steel, magnifying glass, 9v battery and wire wool and chemical reactions. We also learnt about various forms of tinder such as thistle down, cramp balls and char-cloth.

The children on the course especially loved the fire lighting. They also really enjoyed the magnifying glass technique, some of them spending hours burning their names into bits of wood.

Sadly the one form of fire lighting I struggled at was using the magnifying glass, but all in all brilliant, plus we got to see some different forms of fire lighter such as fire pistons demonstrated by Dave the instructor.