Bella doing art by the fire

Bella doing art by the fire, with the cat watching intently

Last year I lamented the fact that I never took Bella out Blackberry picking (I only managed to get her out quite late in the season). This year, despite the fact I am still so busy I never update my blog (sorry) I have managed to go out with her right at the very start of the season (I base this on the fact there are still lots of un-ripened berries on the plants). We couldn’t go just around the corner from us as the hedge has been cleared during the summer, but we found a good patch in our local woods.

I of course had no camera with me so I have instead put up a photo from early this year of Bella next to the fire with the cat.

The berries we picked were on the whole very small which is (I believe) due to the poor summer we have had. It was hard to keep Bella occupied, especially as she has just started school (half days) and comes home very tired, so we picked only a little bag of berries and put them in the freezer. I hope over the next few weeks to gather enough to make some jellies or jams.

I also noticed some sloe and cloud berries which I will pick next time we go out (I didn’t on the day as I left my book at home and didn’t know if they were safe to eat).