Back in April I did my last post about a Kiwi Issai I am trying to grow in the garden, back then I was worried about the little bit of a drought we were having and hoping it would make it up to the height of the fence so it would get a bit more sun. Since then we have had the wettest summer ever, have still had to put in a drip irrigation system to keep the vine growing as it was running out of water, and it only made it up to the level of the top of the fence this week, after I had taken it down from the wires I put in on in April and laid it on top of the hot tub, leading away from the fence (yup I have no pictures of this) to get it as much of the non-existent sun as I could, to get to grow far enough away from the fence that there was enough of it to put back up the fence, so it could get some sun. Clear?

Anyway, it has now made it far enough up the fence that it can now get some direct sunlight, but only just, the only problems I’ve had have been with aphids, which was solved with a soapy water spray, and getting nutrients to the vine, which has been solved by putting some miracle-grow into the¬†irrigation bag once every two weeks.