All done (except for the last few handles)

All done (except for the last few handles)

Living in a small house is very Eco-friendly. You take up less land, you use fewer resources, it even costs less to heat it. It is sadly also a s*d for storage, a problem we have been fighting with for a few years, so here is the first of what I hope to be a few posts about space saving ideas we have put to use in our home.

I know it’s a thin excuse to blog about this but with the amount of work I have had to do on the cable car over the first half of this year I have very little else to blog about (sorry).

Anyway, we had in our bedroom a large wardrobe which we (my wife and I) had to share. It took up a lot of space in what is quite a small L shaped room, and never seemed to really fit anywhere. We also had a very narrow slice of space to the right of our bedroom door which wasn’t much good for anything, so we had the idea to make a thin (or flat, or long and narrow, or whatever you want to call it) wardrobe.

The photos below show the basic idea; by having 4 short lengths of rail hanging the clothes side by side we were able to fit as many clothes into our long thin built-in wardrobe as we were able to fit into our large free-standing wardrobe.

The wardrobe was made from scratch and is basically a frame screwed into the wall, covered in cladding. The doors are easy to make and are just cladding reinforced with strips of wood on the back. A trick I learnt on another home project with this type of door is to make the door slightly too large (when I say make I mean nail all the pieces onto the reinforcing strips) and once all the cladding pieces are in place run a circular saw along both the top and bottom to give the door perfectly straight edges.

With the large wardrobe gone the room now seems much bigger (one of the problems with having low ceilings is that tall pieces of furniture tend to dominate the room), and it is easier to get at our clothes now that they are in discrete little groups side on (where it’s easier to see them).