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Hopefully the one emerging will make it, it's one wing (showing) has been getting better during the night, but very slowly


The¬†sequel to¬†Caterpillars! Yes they have hatched, they hatched out last night! One of them was still trying to get out as we went to bed, and 2 have yet to start hatching. (more…)
22nd July


With Britain’s butterflies facing their worst year ever wouldn’t it be great to raise a few yourself in the safety of your home and then release them into the wild? One of our friends found a kit where you can do just that and bought it for Bella (my daughter) for her birthday. The kit (butterfly [...]
26-05 A little more growth

Meadow – What’s happened

Well the last post I did on our mini-meadow was back in March, since then we have not quite had an eruption of flowers and wild grass but it has come along, also the people we got the seeds from did say that you get the benefit of the meadow in the 2nd year. (more…)
The log


At the end of May some Bees moved into our garden. They started living under our step and under one of the logs along the side of the planter. (more…)
Bilbo asleep on the deck

Summer is here…. at last!!

Well it has been more than 3 months since my last real post, in that time the Emirates Air Line has finally been delivered and I have now got a little free time, even a two week holiday, and even better the first week of my holiday has coincided with the first week or actual summer we have had this [...]
Some grass


Another mini update on the meadow; we now have some grass growing!
Fun in the woods!

Great Weekend!

We have just had a warm, sunny, fun filled weekend! On Saturday, during a spring clean we were able to sit our for a late breakfast in the garden, on Sunday we went out to The Lookout at Bracknell for a day of science (I bought another pocket microscope…….. (more…)
Little meadow plants

Spoke too soon

Well last Saturday I said that our meadow hadn’t started growing yet…. and on Sunday I noticed little plants, more updates to follow
Bumble Bee

No meadow yet :-(

Well it’s been almost 2 weeks since we scattered the seed for our mini-meadow, and still no sign of any little shoots. Of course we did have a mini-snow-shower the day after we scattered the seeds, and a minor frost during the first week after planting, and it does say to allow up to 21 days for [...]
Bright pink strawberry planters, Bella's favourite colour!

Planting time!

Last weekend (well, the one before last) we put a planter and some meadow seed down in our eyesore of a garden, and this weekend Bella and I added some more plants! Below are some photos of what we got up to. As well as planing potato’s we also planted some peas (which will grow up the deck [...]
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