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Image shows a small pole holding up a tent wall

Adding edge poles to a bell tent

I seem to be doing more blogging now I have said I will stop! Anyway it has been a long time since I last wrote about our British Army Bell Tent, whilst we have gone camping a few times I have not really made any changes to it. That changed this weekend when I added edge poles to it. A while back I [...]
Smith and Allan anti-wax additive

Car winter survival kit & snow socks

I am a prepper. There I said it. I am not a nut, nor am I preparing for nuclear war/ the collapse of society/ alien invasion; I prep for  more mundane things such as power cuts, or my car not starting in winter, or being stuck in my car in the snow. That is what this post is all about; preparing to [...]
RM-UC1 Photoirmote cablemod circuit diagram

PhotoIRmote CableMod for Olympus RM-UC1

Late last year I borrowed my mother in laws DSLR camera for a weekend. 5 months later I returned it (following repeated requests), I loved it and the photos it made possible, and I also began planning some types of photo I’d like to take, like Star Trails. The (recommended) way of taking these with [...]
Potassium permanganate crystals before grinding

Chemical Fire

DO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING AT YOUR OWN RISK. IN FACT DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING. CLEAR? GOOD! This post sadly lacks any photos of actual fire, but if you would like to know what this is about do a Google search on “video potassium glycerol“. Cool isn’t it! I first saw this [...]
The axe as it came from the box

POST 100 – Gränsfors Bruks Small Forest Axe!

This is my 100th post (ignoring any pages I may have added over the last 21 months), and I have delayed posting because, at last, after 4 years of wearing down my wife and numerous promises not to amputate another finger (I don’t know what the fuss is about, they put it back on, and besides my [...]
1st pass with the DIY filter


This is my 4th post about the Rock Frog course I attended last weekend, and it’s all about obtaining water. On the course we started with a talk covering the principles of obtaining, filtering and cleaning the water. We also took a look at some of the current products on the market and how they [...]

No more butterflies

No it’s not a tragic story, just that we have let Bella’s butterflies go (except for the one with the wonky wings, which is also no longer with us), here are some photos of the big day. (more…)
The finished article. Just remove the length of bolt to bleed the system.

Add a bleed point to your car radiator

In my last post I mentioned (several times) a bespoke bleed point on my car and that I was forced to install one after I broke the old one, well here (in pictures) is how I built it. (more…)
The completed system

Build your own electric water cooling pump system

There is a minor addition to this post, it can be found here. For most of the last year we have been unable to drive our car (a diesel PT Cruiser) for any length of time above 50mph, it took me until last Christmas to work out this was because the water pump (mechanical) wasn’t working (in my [...]
Group shot

More Butterflies!

All of our butterflies had finally emerged as of last night. The only one we saw was, sadly, the one from the night before that had seemed stuck. It was definitely stuck, it had been trying to get out for a day so in the end I helped it down from the wall of the enclosure and took the last of the [...]
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