Smith and Allan anti-wax additive

Car winter survival kit & snow socks

I am a prepper. There I said it. I am not a nut, nor am I preparing for nuclear war/ the collapse of society/ alien invasion; I prep for  more mundane things such as power cuts, or my car not starting in winter, or being stuck in my car in the snow. That is what this post is all about; preparing to [...]
The Dieselman EGR defeat circuit

EGR Delete on a Chrysler PT Cruiser CRD

Over the last year we have had many problems with our car, and I have tried many things to fix it. I may have given the impression when writing about the P10A4 error that I jumped straight to the solution, but I actually tried a few other things first, one of which was an EGR delete. (more…)
The hose comes with a print-out of Martins instructions

PT Cruiser CRD error code P01A4

Since we bought our diesel PT Cruiser last year we have not been able to drive very fast. Partly this was due to us having no water pump, and partly, we thought, this was due to the fact that it was a diesel. In our defence we had never had a diesel before, and our whole lives we had been told that [...]
8mm Non-return valve on overflow pipe

Air lock in home made EWP system

In August I added a post about making your own EWP (electric water pump) system (in this case installed in our diesel PT Cruiser). At the end of it I added a little note about the car still overheating once or twice and it being due to a faulty fuse, well I was wrong, it was a very specific form of [...]
The finished article. Just remove the length of bolt to bleed the system.

Add a bleed point to your car radiator

In my last post I mentioned (several times) a bespoke bleed point on my car and that I was forced to install one after I broke the old one, well here (in pictures) is how I built it. (more…)
The completed system

Build your own electric water cooling pump system

There is a minor addition to this post, it can be found here. For most of the last year we have been unable to drive our car (a diesel PT Cruiser) for any length of time above 50mph, it took me until last Christmas to work out this was because the water pump (mechanical) wasn’t working (in my [...]
PT Cruiser Diesel (CRD)

Car stuff

I wrote lots last year about making my home more eco-friendly, but I’ve said nothing about my car, which I have to change for two reasons; Your car forms one of the largest out-goings per month for any family, especially due to fuel prices I have spent the last few months working flat-out on my [...]
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