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Drying out our boots

November Camping

I haven’t written much about the Frontier Stove for months now, or my army bell tent, and that’s because there hasn’t been much to write about. That said I went away camping with friends in the Lake District the weekend before last and got to experience the wonder of a heated tent! [...]
The finished article

The Frontier Stove – Adding Guys to the Flue

  UPDATE: Don’t follow this guide (see later post). As mentioned in my earlier post one of the things that the Frontier Stove Flue is seriously lacking is a way to guy it down. I put the guys described here on our flue and used it (the stove/ flue) for a week in North Wales during good-ish summer [...]
Frontier Stove chimney showing creosote build up

The Frontier Stove – using it for a week.

You might think that there isn’t much to add to my last post on the Frontier Stove (or the many posts before it). You are right, there is not (see last posts for how to use) but there were a few issues we found when using it for this prolonged period. First of all creosote build-up, [...]
Image of the tent showing extra space the pole adds

Adding a pole to the Bell tent door

Another mod we’ve done to our 10 Man Army Arctic Bell Tent is a pole for the main door. On our last few trips we have noticed that the main door doesn’t close properly, and looks like it should sit higher off the ground. All we can assume is that either there should be a pole for the door that we [...]
The rain cap in place

Simple Rain Cap for a Canvas Bell Tent

  Over the last 8 weeks I have done a few more mods to my 10 Man British Army Arctic Tent, and tested them during a week-long family holiday in North Wales. The simplest of these was the rain cap. (more…)
Glo-worms packaging, with one HELL of a bold claim

Guys, guys, guys…..

Nope this post is not about a major lifestyle change but about all the guy lines on our arctic bell tent. With roughly 20 lines, each thicker than a standard guy line, in a nice camouflaged olive-green, reaching several meters out from the tent we get a lot of trips taking place around our tent [...]
Our tent, resplendent with chimney

The Frontier Stove – using it for real!

  Ok so I have written a few posts about setting up the Frontier Stove, finally we come to using it on a real camping trip with a real group of people, including young children (toddlers and babies).   In short there is a bit of a knack to using it and it could do with a few more mods, but it [...]
The finished article

Putting a weather-vane on our tent

Why have a dull pole sticking out of the top of your tent when you can have something a little more interesting? Here I describe how we put a Gardman metal weather-vane (squirrel design) on the top of a main bell tent pole. (more…)
Extra guy-points (click to enlarge) in place

10 Man Arctic Bell Tent – Adding guy points

One of the biggest problems with the British Army 10 man Arctic Bell tent is the lack of guy-points around the side walls (the only guy points are in the corners), which can lead to the side walls being pushed all the way up in even a slight breeze unless you weigh down the snow valance (which can [...]
My darling wife, who is also cold blooded, enjoying the heat

The Frontier Stove – using it inside a tent

Following from my first try with the Frontier Stove, and fitting it to my tent I thought I’d do a post on what it’s like using inside a tent (this time round we just tried it out with the tent pitched in the garden – I will do some more posts about using it for a weekend/ week etc). [...]
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