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Anthony looking worried


So my last post was a bit rubbish (as was the total lack of any posts in December). Here then are some fantastic shots from a climbing weekend earlier in the month. This year was the 10th annual BOGIES (Bath Old Git’s in Exile) Graduate Mountaineering club, we stayed in Pete’s Eats Flat (a bit of a [...]
The kids loved using a 9v battery and wire wool


Fire making is cool, you have to admit it, and even if as adults we lack the enthusiasm I saw on some of younger kids faces during my Rock Frog course, or the creepy obsession some of us blokes had when were were in our early teens, we are all drawn to stare at a roaring fire and still think it [...]


In my last post I covered the general scope of a Rock Frog course I attended last weekend, this post is all about the shelter building part of the course. It was suggested that we build a basic tarp shelter, we were shown  an image, given some poles, a tarp and some bungees and mostly left to it. I [...]

Rock Frog Course

This weekend just passed I did a Bushcraft course with Rock Frog. It was amazing value especially as I got it through Groupon, and I learnt much more in two days with them than I have in the last year or so trying to do it myself. I also got to try out all sorts of kit without having to buy it [...]
Happy anniversary my love MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anniversary Gift

With the choice of featured image combined with post title I’m sure this will generate some site traffic (if not a few complaints!), but this isn’t an account of the activities of a serial killer (and the extra site traffic disappears) but all about how I made a bushcraft knife for my wife as an [...]
Drying out our boots

November Camping

I haven’t written much about the Frontier Stove for months now, or my army bell tent, and that’s because there hasn’t been much to write about. That said I went away camping with friends in the Lake District the weekend before last and got to experience the wonder of a heated tent! [...]
Broken rubber band

I got it a bit wrong….

I was camping in the Lakes last weekend (post to follow soon) and if you thought it a good idea to follow my guide on adding guys to the Frontier Stove Flue, don’t. One of the rubber lumps I used to insulate the guy line from the wire that is connected to the flue broke. (more…)
The finished article

The Frontier Stove – Adding Guys to the Flue

  UPDATE: Don’t follow this guide (see later post). As mentioned in my earlier post one of the things that the Frontier Stove Flue is seriously lacking is a way to guy it down. I put the guys described here on our flue and used it (the stove/ flue) for a week in North Wales during good-ish summer [...]
Grilliput Fire Bowl, heating marshmallows

Fire Bowl

I have been pretty bad at putting up new posts recently, and as such I have loads to write about. One of the shorter articles is about my new Fire Bowl. I got one of these for my birthday, used it on my last trip (6 weeks ago?) and had to write about it. If you are not familiar with fire bowls then [...]
Frontier Stove chimney showing creosote build up

The Frontier Stove – using it for a week.

You might think that there isn’t much to add to my last post on the Frontier Stove (or the many posts before it). You are right, there is not (see last posts for how to use) but there were a few issues we found when using it for this prolonged period. First of all creosote build-up, [...]
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