Bushcraft activities

Image shows a small pole holding up a tent wall

Adding edge poles to a bell tent

I seem to be doing more blogging now I have said I will stop! Anyway it has been a long time since I last wrote about our British Army Bell Tent, whilst we have gone camping a few times I have not really made any changes to it. That changed this weekend when I added edge poles to it. A while back I [...]
Nice shot of a pea plant on the windowsill

Spring 2013

Today Bella and I tidied up the garden after winter, we had a great time and it only really took the afternoon! The first thing we did was empty our bird feeders. These have mostly been used by the squirrels, and most of the seed has been left untouched, which could be the red kites (which [...]
17 sacks of wood, all that was left of the tree

Using a Gränsfors Bruks Small Forest Axe to cut up a big tree

Last year I chopped down a big tree that had been threatening to damage a neighbouring property. I also (a bit earlier) got my first axe, a Gränsfors Bruks Small Forest Axe, and a wood grenade. After a bit of a delay (a few months) I have now finished cutting up (into fuel sized pieces) what was [...]
Pose for the camera!

Pea and Potato Crop 2013

Last year our pea and potato harvest was not the best. Of course you can’t expect to get much out of a small raised planter, during the worst summer on UK record but this year we are going to try to “maximise our return” (grow more stuff) by getting started a bit earlier. Last year we planted our [...]
Potassium permanganate crystals before grinding

Chemical Fire

DO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING AT YOUR OWN RISK. IN FACT DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING. CLEAR? GOOD! This post sadly lacks any photos of actual fire, but if you would like to know what this is about do a Google search on “video potassium glycerol“. Cool isn’t it! I first saw this [...]
Chutney's, Jellies and Jams from 2012

Chutneys, Jams and Jellies

A month or so ago I wrote a series of posts about chutneys, jellies and jams, but I didn’t write anything about how they tasted (as I didn’t know), so here is a short post on how they all turned out. (more…)
A Grey Squirrel in our garden - THE (very very cute) ENEMY

Squirrel proof?

A few weeks ago we put up some bird feeders in our garden. Like many people in the UK we have a local Grey Squirrel problem, so we went for squirrel proof bird feeders. This week we noticed our food going down very quickly, great! Lots of birdies we thought, but no it was just one squirrel. [...]
Chutney's, Jellies and Jams from 2012

Rosehip and Apple Jelly

This is the last in a series of posts about chutney’s, jams and jellies. Bella and I had a great time in September gathering rose-hips (except for the ants), and this year I decided to add some apple to the jelly (mostly because I had very few rose hips and some apples in my kitchen about to go [...]
Chutney's, Jellies and Jams from 2012

Greengage and Tomato chutney

In my last post I wrote about making Blackberry and Apple Chutney, and in the post before I wrote about making Blackberry Jam with Bella all on the same day my parents were over. Well I also made some Greengage and Tomato chutney (recipe below). I froze the Greengages I gathered last month, and so [...]
This machine will core, peel and make an apple into a spiral, I picked it up this year at the Great Missenden Food Festival, brilliant

Blackberry and Apple Chutney

In my last post I wrote about how Bella and I made Blackberry Jam. On the same day my parents were over, and they took Bella for a few hours whilst I made this (not a child friendly recipe as pretty complex); Blackberry and Apple Chutney! This is based on the contents of the River Cottage Preserves [...]
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