Awesome sunrise

OK….. so it has been a while

It has been over a year since I last posted here. The reasons are many but mostly I have not had much to write about; I am still making jams and chutneys but there is nothing new that I really feel deserves a post. I do have some additional content coming on the Green Johanna but I expect that soon [...]

Merry Christmas!

Hi there, and Merry Christmas! I have been rubbish this month, but stuff has been happening, and I hope once the panic of Christmas is over to get back to blogging soon. Have a great 2013! Ed


I have not forgotten my blog, I am just very busy right now on the Emirates Air Line. I have not stopped doing things and will put up lots of photos of vegies, the meadow and the Issai soon.
Our old air-con units in the boot of our car

Freecycle to save energy

If I’m honest the title of this post was chosen to try and generate some traffic…. and because I had no idea what title to use. We have saved lots of energy in the last year, but we are committed to reducing our energy use further. The two biggest electricity consumers in our home are our portable [...]
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